Deanna Mcmullen




Hey everyone!
I’m Deanna, 19 years old and learned to dive two years ago in Tasmania.
I learned to dive on ‘hooker’ which is a compressor on a boat with a huge line attached to your regulator (a little different than tanks.) I moved to Sydney a year ago to do my instructor training now I work full time teaching people what I love to do!

What drew you into the sport of Scuba Diving?

I have always grown up around and in the water so I wanted a job in it. Then I tried out diving and loved it so took it to the next step.

What is your favourite dive site and why?

My favourite dive site is a site in Kurnell. It is called ‘leap to steps’ it’s a drift dive. I love the little thrill of jumping off the big rock into the water then drifting around to a new site. The weedy sea dragons along the way are amazing to see and make the dive fantastic every time. This dive will never get old.

What is the most memorable dive you have done, and why?

My most memorable dive was up on the Great Barrier Reef. I was swimming back to the boat after a dive and just before we reach it a 12m whale shark swam straight past us. This was breathtaking seeing something so big and beautiful, a moment I’ll never forget.

What do you love about being a Dive Instructor?

I love getting to take people in the water for their very first time. Teaching them a new skill and seeing so much improvement over a course period. Seeing people come up after a dive so excited and happy makes the job very rewarding.

Where can you see the sport of Scuba Diving heading in the future?

There is a whole other world under the ocean and so many places to explor so I hope the sport continues to grow.

Visit me at: Abyss Scuba Diving

My Gear Locker

As an AUP Instructor Team Member I recommend these items when diving!

Oceanic Zeo FDXi
Oceanic Alpha 9 Occy Regulator
Oceanic Atmos BCD

Oceanic OCL