Trudie Blackett
Nelson Bay

Operations Manager



Grew up on a peninsula in Newcastle, & always had a fascination with the ocean. Had SCUBA diving on my BUCKET LIST, & was bought Open Water Course as a gift Voucher for Christmas.  Exiting the water from Dive #1, I turned to my instructor & said, “I will teach this one day”, well knowing I had already fallen in love with this amazing new sport, & was immediately hooked.

What drew you into the sport of Scuba Diving?

My love & appreciation of the ocean, & my fascination with marine creatures. Also, I found the sanctity refreshing & addictive.

What is your favourite dive site and why?

Fly Point @ Nelson Bay NSW.
Dived the site hundreds of times & still find new creatures & features.

What is the most memorable dive you have done, and why?

Sipadan – Borneo. Sunlight shining through schooling barracudas, & mating turtles over a 500m drop off on the edge of the continental shelf.

What do you love about being a Dive Instructor?

Introducing new divers into this amazing recreation/lifestyle, & sharing the wonders of the deep.

Where can you see the sport of Scuba Diving heading in the future?

Feet First Fleet @ Port Stephens.

Visit me at: Feet First Dive

My Gear Locker

As an AUP Instructor Team Member I recommend these items when diving!

Oceanic Zeo FDXi
Oceanic Alpha 9 Occy Regulator
Oceanic Excursion
Max Depth Navcon
Typhoon Snorkel Red
Oceanic Traxion Boot