Ann Mecklem

General Manager/Lead Recreational Dive Instructor



After 20 years of working in law offices in Florida I immigrated to Australia for a sea change and began my new life in the tourism industry.

What drew you into the sport of Scuba Diving?

Growing up in Florida led me to love the sea. Scuba diving allows me to love the sea plus hang around the living rooms of all of the wonderful creatures living under the surface.

What is your favourite dive site and why?

Not really one specific dive site, but I really love the diving in Komodo, Indonesia. The creatures I saw there were so unique and amazing.

What is the most memorable dive you have done, and why?

The wreck of the Yongala in November, 2004. I was a very inexperienced diver at the time and the conditions were quite challenging on the day. The first dive of the day had ripping current with divers and instructors having gear (masks, fins) pretty much pulled off of them by the current! My teenage son and I were doing the dive as part of our advanced course. It was not a nice dive for me, but the other 2 dives on the Yongala on the very same day were absolutely awesome. My experience on that 1st dive of the day has given me a really good perspective of how student divers can feel during training.

What do you love about being a Dive Instructor?

I love seeing the smiles on new divers faces and those happy exclamations they make when they surface from their first diving experiences.

Where can you see the sport of Scuba Diving heading in the future?

For me it’s hard to come up with just one answer for the long term. For the short term, perhaps a new specialty course in Perfecting Underwater Selfie Pics.

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My Gear Locker

As an AUP Instructor Team Member I recommend these items when diving!

Oceanic Zeo FDXi
Oceanic Alpha 9 Occy Regulator
Oceanic Hera
Oceanic Shadow Mask
Ultradry Yellow
Fusion Gloves
Oceanic Mission 5.0 Boot
Cargo Mesh Duffle