Ben Hamilton

Operations Manager/Instructor



Operations Manager at Brisbane Dive Academy, ditched the corporate gig to pursue my passion for all things underwater full time last year. When I’m not in the shop or teaching students, you’ll find me under the sea behind the camera indulging in my favourite u/w hobby!

What drew you into the sport of Scuba Diving?

Always intrigued by what occurs beneath our oceans I wanted to explore and see our amazing, diverse marine life in its natural habitat.

What is your favourite dive site and why?

In Australia, it would have to be South West Rocks! Sharks, sharks, sharks and a cave to boot! What’s not to love!

What is the most memorable dive you have done, and why?

It probably wouldn’t be the most exciting dive for most, but one that always comes to mind is a 90+ minute circumnavigation dive of Cook Island on the Tweed Coast whilst on a rebreather. Loads of massive turtles swimming in between us for a large part of the dive and it was just completely relaxing and peaceful.

What do you love about being a Dive Instructor?

I love the look on peoples faces as they take their first breaths underwater.

Where can you see the sport of Scuba Diving heading in the future?

So long as the appropriate steps are put in place to ensure our amazing oceans and marine life are sustained the industry will only go from strength to strength. More and more people are becoming more interested in what happens beneath the sea plus wanting to do their bit to preserve it. Diving is a natural step forward to feed that curiosity.

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