Dominic Hodalin




I am a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer and PADI Master Instructor.  I enjoy Rock Climbing, Sky Diving and especially Scuba Diving!

What drew you into the sport of Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving for me can be a way to switch off or be physically and mentally challenged as well as feeding my interest in Biology, Archaeology, Geology, Speleology, and lots of other gy’s.

What is your favourite dive site and why?

Mount Gambier SA, not one dive site but a city full of them with a potentially endless amount of caves and sinkholes to explore. You can drive straight up to a dive site regardless of weather and know the conditions will be perfect with no current or swell. Also you never have to wash your gear as it’s all fresh water!

What is the most memorable dive you have done, and why?

Teaching an Advanced course at Julian Rocks and having our class surrounded by 20-30 big Grey Nurse Sharks.

What do you love about being a Dive Instructor?

Getting to meet amazing people and see things that most people don’t get to see.

Where can you see the sport of Scuba Diving heading in the future?

The rise of commercial Rebreather and Sidemount technology along with the enormous range of information available to today’s diver is going to allow us to push the limits of human exploration.

Visit me at: Brisbane Dive Academy

My Gear Locker

As an AUP Instructor Team Member I recommend these items when diving!

Oceanic Zeo FDXi
Oceanic Alpha 9 Occy Regulator
Oceanic Excursion