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Introducing the OCL, a fully capable dive computer packed into a stylish and amazingly low-profile design. This dive computer’s uniquely small form factor means that it doesn’t have to live with your dive gear between dives. The OCL features Oceanic’s exclusive Dual Algorithm, custom alarms, Nitrox compatibility and replaceable batteries. It’s as at home in the office as it is 100 feet down and with you everyday.

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2 reviews for OCL

  1. karenelisse

    Love this watch /computer. wear it 24 hours a day, it is my alarm to wake, my light to find my ware around the bed, my dive computer and my watch. super tough, light weight and comfortable does it all

  2. adam

    Hi everyone

    I’ve waited a while to post this review, because I wanted write my longer-term thoughts on it. Firstly, when I received mine, there were scratches below the computer-reader mounts (the two reader/button sensors on the right hand side of the watch). I’m guessing this is from the factory where they put it to sleep prior to purchase. A bit sloppy but the retailer did offer to give me a new one. I declined, as I thought that the replacement too would be scratched (the retailer’s own personal one had the same set of below-the-computer-reader-sensor scratches). In any case, I’ve now bashed the heck out of mine and there are scratches all over it (I almost never take it off). Still, that sensor scratch issue is really something Oceanic should address as it greatly affects the product delivery experience.

    But, to the review. I’ve owned the watch for more than a year and treat it very roughly. Many, many times, it doesn’t get rinsed after multiple free-dive sessions, and sure enough, that [occasionally] affects the depth gauge. Nothing a soak in fresh water for a couple of hours doesn’t fix – or better still, deeper dives to dislodge them! Ha-ha! In all seriousness, I cannot fault the watch from an operational perspective, and it is very low profile for what it does. I wear it in a business setting at work, and surf/swim/dive in salt water [and chlorine] a number of times a week with it. It’s tough. And yes, I do have the screen protector on it! As I’ve said, the shiny finish scratches very easily (although doesn’t dent thankfully). I really, really like the rubber strap, it is super, super comfy, and you can tell its uber-premium rubber. I like that I can see the time/date/day all in one display. I like that it has both free-dive and scuba diving modes. The night light is super awesome, as is the extender strap!

    What I don’t like – okay, the blue stripes on each corner of the face? They are awful, please delete them! The temp gauge – doesn’t work properly without being immersed in water. I’ll guess the heat from your wrist affects it. Off the wrist it seems more accurate. Please give me one [a temp gauge] that works, and put it on the front display near the time……… And that silver finish, please improve the scratch resistance. I’d pay for a ceramic coated case if it were available………….or maybe just use better stainless steel?
    So five big stars after all that, because it really is a very nice watch in a compact package that takes a serious amount of abuse. Well done Oceanic, I look forward to Version 2!

    • Scott Mattison

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for taking the time to provide such a great review. We love hearing what you think of our product and are always using feedback from the diving community to further improve our product. Thanks for choosing Oceanic and Happy Diving!

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